"News of a Girl Lost at Sea" by Betina González

"Despite living on an island, she has always been frightened of the sea. First it swallowed up her sandals, that summer she went down to the beach with her cousin Luigi and Alessandra. Then it carried off two fishermen, and the Virgin had to be submerged and flowers scattered, which the waves gulped with delinquent indolence. Finally it took her brothers, all of them aboard a boat she never saw but imagined as a giant walnut shell sailing from some northern port toward the black nothing of the water..."

Read online at Asymptote.


"Okinawa, Mon Amour" by Betina González

"In Japan everything always happened in reverse: wolves did not eat people, kamikazes were not afraid of death, grumpy people smiled, and Cinderella was a stoker’s son named Mamichigane..."

Read online at The Guardian.