"Nuclear Family"

"The atom is the smallest basic unit of our universe, a tiny engine humming inside matter. The nucleus is smaller still: protons and neutrons clumped together at the center of a storm of negatively charged electrons. That huddle, positively charged, is the center of all centers, the kernel around which molecules are made and of which worlds are built. It is also the smallest basic unit of a family..." 

Read online at The Rumpus.



"Womanhood was the only club ever to admit her, apart from girls’ field hockey, who’d wanted someone fun for on the bus. So she lorded it over Nancy Freeman. And she felt superior in her medieval horse-diaper menstrual belt, loving her childhood fantasy of maidenhood that happened once a month. The blood looked like feathers too, with little dark flecks in among the red..."

Read in the Iowa Review or listen on The Catapult.


"On Kissing"

"Freud said we kiss to simulate the long lost suckle impulse at a mother’s breast. The impulse to seek comfort, nourishment, in another’s teat. Without delving too far into interspecies suckling, I’d like to talk about the kiss. Good old-fashioned tonsil hockey, pastime, treasure, institution. Smooching, necking, making out. For blissful decades of increasingly unrestricted sexual expression, my countrymen and women have been practicing the buss, the lip lock, osculation. We act like we invented it. We didn’t. Listen to Catullus V..."

Read an excerpt online at Cactus Heart Press, or full text here.